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UNOUNO 2.2MCasual - Card1.09%
Solitaire Story - TripeaksSolitaire Story - Tripeaks 1.2MCasual - Card0.59%
SolitaireSolitaire 396KCasual - Card0.2%
Spider SolitaireSpider Solitaire 358KCasual - Card0.18%
SolitaireSolitaire 260KCasual - Card0.13%
Solitaire Farm SeasonsSolitaire Farm Seasons 242KCasual - Card0.12%
Liêng - 3 Cây - Cào TốLiêng - 3 Cây - Cào Tố 228KCasual - Card0.11%
UNO! Card Casino Free PokerUNO! Card Casino Free Poker 216KCasual - Card0.11%
Card Party! Play with FriendsCard Party! Play with Friends 165KCasual - Card0.08%
Solitaire Tales 2 InstantSolitaire Tales 2 Instant 164KCasual - Card0.08%
Solitaire Tripeaks IslandSolitaire Tripeaks Island 124KCasual - Card0.06%
Tiến Lên Miền Nam 2020Tiến Lên Miền Nam 2020 107KCasual - Card0.05%
Rainforest Solitaire 2Rainforest Solitaire 2 104KCasual - Card0.05%
Cribbage: Card GameCribbage: Card Game 90KCasual - Card0.04%
Tiến Lên Miền NamTiến Lên Miền Nam 83KCasual - Card0.04%
SolitaireSolitaire 79KCasual - Card0.04%
Liêng 2020Liêng 2020 76KCasual - Card0.04%
Domino with Friends!Domino with Friends! 66KCasual - Card0.03%
Phase 10: World TourPhase 10: World Tour 52KCasual - Card0.03%
SolitaireSolitaire 51KCasual - Card0.03%
FreeCell SolitaireFreeCell Solitaire 49KCasual - Card0.02%
Phỏm Tá Lả 2020Phỏm Tá Lả 2020 46KCasual - Card0.02%
Mậu Binh - Xập XámMậu Binh - Xập Xám 37KCasual - Card0.02%
Xì DáchXì Dách 36KCasual - Card0.02%
UNO! Card Casino Free PokerUNO! Card Casino Free Poker 34KCasual - Card0.02%
Spider SolitaireSpider Solitaire 31KCasual - Card0.02%
Gin Rummy SaloonGin Rummy Saloon 28KCasual - Card0.01%
World of SolitaireWorld of Solitaire 28KCasual - Card0.01%
Tiến Lên - Thần BàiTiến Lên - Thần Bài 23KCasual - Card0.01%
Solitaire HDSolitaire HD 19KCasual - Card0.01%
Phỏm - Tá lảPhỏm - Tá lả 19KCasual - Card0.01%
Super SolitaireSuper Solitaire 19KCasual - Card0.01%
Pyramid SolitairePyramid Solitaire 17KCasual - Card0.01%
Solitaire FREE - Card GamesSolitaire FREE - Card Games 17KCasual - Card0.01%
Sâm LốcSâm Lốc 17KCasual - Card0.01%
Chắn OnlineChắn Online 15KCasual - Card0.01%
Teen Patti Gold - Indian PokerTeen Patti Gold - Indian Poker 14KCasual - Card0.01%
Hearts: Classic Card GameHearts: Classic Card Game 14KCasual - Card0.01%
Gin Rummy PlusGin Rummy Plus 11KCasual - Card0.01%
Speed the Card GameSpeed the Card Game 10KCasual - Card0%
Modern LudoModern Ludo 8KCasual - Card0%
Tiến Lên Miền NamTiến Lên Miền Nam 7.6KCasual - Card0%
Solitaire SocialSolitaire Social 7.2KCasual - Card0%
Solitaire UniverseSolitaire Universe 6.6KCasual - Card0%
Solitaire ClassicSolitaire Classic 6.5KCasual - Card0%
Classic Solitaire JourneyClassic Solitaire Journey 6.2KCasual - Card0%
Solitaire Grand Harvest TripeaksSolitaire Grand Harvest Tripeaks 5.9KCasual - Card0%
SolitaireSolitaire 4.8KCasual - Card0%
Memory Match™Memory Match™ 4.7KCasual - Card0%